Meeting national standards

The same high quality care for everyone

We want everyone in south east London to get the same high quality care wherever they are. To do this there are a number of national standards we want to meet standards. These standards have been set out in national publications - the maternity review, the cancer taskforce report and the Mental Health Five Year Forward View.

We are committed to:

  • More psychological therapies so that at least 19% of people with anxiety and depression access treatment.
  • More high quality mental health services for children and young people, so that at least 32% of children with a diagnosable condition are able to access evidence based services by April 2019.
  • Getting the right help to more people so that at least 53% of people experiencing a first episode of psychosis begin treatment with a NICE recommended package of care within two weeks of referral.
  • Increase access to individual placement support for people with severe mental illness in secondary care services by 25% by April 2019.
  • Commission community eating disorder teams so that 95% of children and young people receive treatment within four weeks of referral for routine cases, and one week for urgent cases.
  • Suicide reduction: we are working towards the national target of a 10 per cent reduction in the number of people taking their own lives by 2020/21, compared to 2016/17 levels.
  • Ensure delivery of the mental health access and quality standards including 24/7 access to community crisis resolution teams and home treatment teams and mental health liaison services in hospitals.
  • Maintain a dementia diagnosis rate of at least two thirds of estimated local prevalence.
  • Eliminate out of area placements for non-specialist hospital care by 2020/21.
  • Increase access to evidence-based specialist perinatal mental health care, in line with the requirement to meet 100% of need by 2020/21, and ensure that care is in line with NICE recommendations.
  • Health and care commissioners should develop a pan-London multi-agency (including the police and ambulance service) case for change and model of care for child and adult mental health patients in crisis.