Information and digital technologies present huge opportunities to advance the way we treat and care for patients

We have high ambitions in south east London to exploit these new opportunities to improve the way we organise, plan and deliver care.

  • A combination of remote and face-to-face consultations and appointments will give people more choice and convenience, offering care closer to home and making it easier to access follow-up appointments and advice.
  • Mobile apps will help people, and care professionals, to monitor their own health and care.
  • Better use of the data and information health and care services hold, including analysis of the data, will help the services to identify people that need care most or at risk of developing health problems, and get them the right support earlier.
  • Joining up electronic care records will improve the co-ordination of people’s care and make information instantly available to health and social care professionals.

Though we want to take advantage of the technology available to us, we also know that not everyone is ready to use new technologies. We aim to give people choice in the way they access the care they need, ensuring it is appropriate and convenient for them to use.

Our vision

Our vision shows how we are aiming to use new technology for the benefit of people we care for and local residents. 

We are committed to:

  • Ensuring people and care professionals are digitally connected throughout the care pathway
  • Providing the right information, at the right time and place consistently, accurately and across health and care systems to enable seamless collaboration
  • Ensuring technology is able to evolve to meet the needs and demands of health and care, whilst providing the analytical and reporting capabilities needed
  • Ensuring information technology capacity is focused on delivering the change and transformation required collaboratively, ensuring that staff are trained and skilled appropriately.

What we have accomplished so far

  • People in south east London can use NHS 111 online for health advice as an alternative to using the phone
  • We have rolled out eReferral across our hospitals which streamlines GP referrals to hospital or clinics, causing less delay for patients and reducing reliance on paper
  • Free Wi-Fi is available in all GP practices for staff, patient and visitors
  • We are developing a new way for people to contact local health services and undertake online consultations, and have a national pilot of NHS Online, led by Bexley CCG
  • We have shared care records which support individual direct care across health and care services
  • We are developing a Data Service which will support more proactive, joined up and holistic care, as well as support a range of other quality improvements across the Integrated Care System.