Primary Care Networks

Primary Care Networks (PCN) launched to meet the needs of our local south east London population

Primary care and community care are at the heart of the NHS Long term plan. The plan sets out an ambition for all GP practices to come together with neighbouring and associated practices in “Primary Care Networks” (PCN) to meet the needs of local populations. 

In line with national guidance, PCNs are much more than clusters of general practice. It is about groups of practices coming together locally in partnership with community services, social care and other providers of health and care services around the needs of local patients.

Our Healthier South East London are very pleased to announce that we have now agreed the development of 35 PCNs across south east London and the contracts formalising these arrangements between local GP practices, this has gone live on 1st July 2019. 

As part of a PCN, GPs will be able to recruit multi-disciplinary teams, including pharmacists, physiotherapists, paramedics, physician associates and social prescribing support workers, freeing up family doctors to focus on the sickest patients. In the first year of the PCN contract, the focus will be on optimising current services across the network, such as the provision of extended opening hours for local practices and the development clinical pharmacists and social prescribing link workers. It is expected that the capability and capacity of PCNs will build over the next five years of the contract to deliver fully integrated community-based care that meets the needs of our local populations.

Please see the below table which provides a high-level overview of the number of PCNs agreed in each borough across south east London. For more information including the names of the practices making up each PCN, please click here

Name of CCG               Number of practices               Number of Primary Care Networks
Bexley  22 4
Bromley 44 8
Greenwich 36 6
Lambeth 41 9
Lewisham  36 6
Southwark 35 2
Total  214 35