Through the community based care strategy we have identified some areas which are likely to have a big impact on quality of care and health outcomes for patients and residents across south east London. We aim to improve services for everyone by working together and sharing what we are doing well.

One area where we think we can improve quality, consistency and value for money across south east London is medicines. All the CCGs in south east London are reviewing their own guidelines for GPs about  what to prescribe to patients who have minor and short-term ailments, and are considering whether to change these so that GPs do not routinely prescribe certain medicines and products, like paracetamol, in the future. We think we will free up much-needed GP appointments for patients by changing local guidelines and encouraging residents to seek help from their pharmacists, who are often more convenient to see.  We will also reduce the amount of money spent on medicines, allowing us to focus on spending NHS resources on areas that have the most impact on people’s health.