Community based care


Linda is 73 years old. She has diabetes, high blood pressure and a heart condition.

Linda is feeling unwell at the moment and is finding it difficult to look after herself and manage her conditions.

She has been identified as a vulnerable patient by her GP surgery and is supported at home by a team of health and care professionals. She is also given access to an app which allows her to monitor her conditions and view her own care records.

The app alerts her to a change in her blood pressure. It links her to her practice nurse and she is given extra support until she recovers. Quick and safe access to key information makes treatment decisions fast and effective.

All our residents should feel as well supported as Linda.

Case for change

We are working on big changes to the way your local health and care services are run.

We know there are lots of things that work well in south east London. But there are things we need to improve.

  • We have some services that people find hard to access.
  • Patients often tell us they find it hard to make an appointment with their GP.
  • Some people do not get the help they need to keep themselves and their families in good health.
  • Not everyone gets the same quality of care.
  • We think that by improving the way we work in the community we will be able to take pressure off our hospitals and our urgent care services.

Our vision

We want to give you more support and make better use of technology so you can keep yourself, and your family, healthy and well.

We're changing the way we work so that services and organisations like GPs, pharmacists, community nurses, social care, or voluntary groups work together better, sharing resources and safely sharing information when appropriate.

This will make it easier for you to access support when you need it.

We are making it easier to access GP services with bookable appointments 8am-8pm and at weekends. GP online services will also mean you can access a range of services via your computer or mobile.

Services will focus more on prevention and helping you to stay healthy and well. For instance, we will work with people who already have one or more long-term conditions to help them manager their conditions betters, and with groups that have been identified as vulnerable or at risk, such as elderly people.

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