An elderly gentleman wearing glasses

This is Gordon, who is having treatment for bowel cancer.

Gordon has a better chance of survival because his cancer was diagnosed at an early stage.

Nearly half of cancers diagnosed in England are diagnosed at an advanced stage, when they are harder to treat successfully. 

His GP recognised the signs and symptoms of bowel cancer and referred him to the Cancer Centre at Guy’s Hospital for further investigations and where he is now receiving treatment, which provides most cancer treatment under one roof.   

Gordon has access to help and support through his Clinical Nurse Specialist and the Guy’s telephone helpline and can also contact his GP to manage any discomfort from any side-effects of treatment.

Gordon feels confident about his care and is positive about the future.

We are working to make sure that all our residents can feel as confident as Gordon when they receive cancer treatment in future.

In south east London, we have already made some real improvements to cancer care and treatment:

  • Opened Guy’s and St Thomas’ state-of-the-art Cancer Centre, which will provide 16,000 radiotherapy and 4,600 chemotherapy treatments a year, allowing patients to receive treatment close to home rather than having to make the trip to central London. More information
  • We are focusing on prevention, and in particular targeting people at the highest risk of developing cancer. More information
  • We are introducing the Macmillan ‘Recovery Package’ – four interventions which, when delivered together, can greatly improve outcomes for people living with and beyond cancer. More information .

What we are doing

Our plans and vision are the result of an extensive process of engagement and discussion with clinicians, nurses, allied health professionals, commissioners, GPs and practice nurses, public health, the voluntary sector, patients and members of the public for evidence-based, best practice interventions and initiatives.

Our vision for south east London:

  • diagnose cancer earlier and faster
  • faster referral to specialist cancer services
  • access to support for people living with and beyond cancer
  • improving patient experience and outcomes for patients 
  • promote healthy lifestyle choices 
  • support people at the end of their life to have more control over their care 
  • develop better support for carers
Read more about what we are doing to make more people feel as confident in their treatment as Gordon.