Partnership Update February 2018

Our Healthier South East London Partnership update - February 2018


This is the winter edition covering January and February of our programme as a regular update to boards, governing bodies and other key partners and stakeholders. It gives an update on Our Healthier South East London (OHSEL) – the sustainability and transformation partnership (STP) - in a way that can be shared at meetings held in public.

At a glance

  • Julie Lowe has been appointed as the new permanent STP Programme Director. Julie, who had been seconded to the programme as Chief Operating Officer for the past nine months, replaces Mark Easton whose interim contract ended at the end of 2017. We would like to thank Mark for the enormous contribution he has played in the development of the STP over the past two years.


  • Dr Jack Barker has been appointed as the STP’s Chief Clinical Information Officer for OHSEL. This builds on his current role at King’s College Hospital. Jack is a very experienced consultant chest physician at KCH with a long standing interest and considerable expertise in using technology to support healthcare delivery


  • He will work closely with John-Jo Campbell, OHSEL’s new Chief Information Officer. John-Jo will combine this role part-time with his post at Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust and Lewisham Clinical Commissioning Group 


  • We held two well attended stakeholder events for executive and clinical leaders, and non-executive directors, governors and lay members. We had constructive discussions on progress so far with our STP, with a strong focus on improving community based care built around more integrated clinical pathways. There were also updates on the commissioning review in SEL and early thinking on developing accountable care based on existing borough level care networks [feedback below in accountable care section]


  • We held a workshop with Healthwatch partners just before Christmas where we discussed how to get a better narrative and engagement on key priority issues of community based care and workforce.

Public Strategic Planning Group (SPG)

Last Friday, we held our latest SPG in public. We are pleased to be one of the few STPs which meets in public and enabling members of the public to ask questions to our partners.

The meeting heard updates on the financial position, the Equalities Steering Group, the Stakeholder Reference Group, and accountable care.

Papers from this meeting can be found here and we will shortly publish the minutes.


Financial update

At the Strategic Planning Group, there was an update on the SEL affordability gap.

The difference between the earlier reported affordability gap of £934m and the current £584m is essentially one of timing.  The original £934m estimate was gauging the gap across four years (17/18 to 20/21) which was compared against four years’ worth of potential savings, whereas the more recent estimate of £584m was gauging the gap across three years (18/19 to 20/21) which was compared against three years’ worth of potential savings.  This is because the original estimate was based on the planned outturn for 16/17 whereas the later more recent estimate was based on the planned outturn for 17/18.  Hence the principal difference in the two estimates is represented by the total savings that were planned to be made in the current year.    There are clearly current year cost pressures within SEL and there may or may not be a shortfall against planned savings this year with significant reliance being placed in mitigation on non-recurrent measures.  Non-recurrent savings will not serve to reduce the longer term affordability gap.  We will update and refresh the estimate of the affordability gap once each SEL organisation has finalised its plans for 18/19.  Based on the current year forecast outturn we would anticipate that the affordability gap across the three years to 20/21 will increase compared to our most recent estimate of £584m.


Accountable care update

We updated stakeholders before Christmas that we had submitted an expression of interest for SE London to be part of NHS England’s wave 2 pilots so that we can develop some of the integrated care initiatives taking part in our boroughs.

We are still waiting to find out whether this has been accepted and will provide a full update as soon as we have more information.

At our stakeholder events before Christmas, we received the following important feedback, all of which would form an important basis of our engagement if we are to proceed:


  • There is a clear signal that we need to make sure that the proposals are developed and fully focused on collaboration and how it can improve care for patients, using examples from particular clinical conditions or groups of patients, such as frailty pathways, children or people with diabetes
  • As part of our stakeholder engagement, to make sure that the issues are focussed on how it will affect services, and not to over emphasise organisational or structural changes which in reality will be minimal. Our yard stick will be that any change should help patients by enabling front line staff provide more integrated care with less fragmentation
  • the importance of local involvement and scrutiny is fully recognised in the proposals
  • Collaboration is already happening and we need to emphasise this, for example by providing information on what is working well in different areas
  • We should be looking at what it would take to go further to achieve service integration and how we make it easier for people and organisations to allocate resources to the part of the system that can give the biggest return- even if that is outside their own organisation
  • It is important that Local Authorities are a core part of the approach.

Update from programme groups


Digitalisation of GP patient records - As we move towards a paperless NHS we are pleased to have secured national funding to help about 22 GP practices across south east London to digitalise their paper records. This will mean space can be made available for further clinical care and end reliance on paper records. This project will start soon and is due to be completed by March 2018.

NHS Online app - In partnership with Healthy London Partnerships and NHS Digital, Bexley CCG launched NHS Online Bexley in November to enable patients in the borough to contact their local health services through a convenient app. NHS Online is a national pilot that runs for the next 12 months. To learn more about the Bexley pilot, click here.

NHS 111 Online is now live at - Since 1 August 2017, the STP has been working with providers to bring patients in SEL an alternative way to contact 111. NHS 111 Online for SEL went live at noon on Monday 11 December. This will allow patients to self-assess, receive self-care advice, be signposted to an appropriate service or receive a call back from an NHS 111 clinician, the pan London Dental Nurse Triage Service or one of the out of hours GP services. We will be promoting this new service later in January.


Community Based Care (CBC) SEL has now delivered extended GP access (8am to 8pm, seven days a week) at 100 per cent compliance.

The leadership workshop on 11 November provided a focused session on wider delivery of our community-based care strategy and our highlighted that further action was required to:

  • Develop a shared understanding of the delivery of high impact schemes and the stage of development of Local Care Networks (LCNs) or equivalent
  • Improve the links between LCN development and the enabling programmes to share information on the current development/change management programmes
  • Consider how the direction for primary care at scale and emergent models for accountable care could provide the necessary conditions to deliver the CBC strategy. 


After working closely with our local Maternity Voice Partnerships, clinicians and key stakeholders, we successfully submitted our Better Births Implementation Plan to NHS England at the end of October, which has received excellent feedback.


The consultation on the National Workforce Strategy has commenced. The SEL Local Workforce Action Board will be meeting on the 14th March to consider and develop a response on behalf of the STP.The STP has produced a short film about the Primary Care Navigator programme that it has been leading across south London. The video is available to view via the following link: 

The STP workforce team is working with the Cancer and Mental Health clinical programmes to develop detailed plans further to their initial responses to the published national workforce plans for each area.

Patient engagement

Patient engagement : volunteers to join the South East London Cancer Alliance and the Patient and Public Advisory Group.

Public events: you can view the independent feedback report and OHSEL’s response to the six public events we held in the summer here: