Patient and Public Advisory Group

Our Patient and Public Voices (PPVs), who sit on our various clinical and strategic decision making groups, come together in the Patient and Public Advisory Group (PPAG).

The group first met in June 2014. Members are recruited from across the six south east London boroughs, when there are strategic and project groups that need Patient and Public Voice input. PPAG includes people with experiences as patients and carers accessing a wide range of health and care services, as well as members of the public with a special interest in specific aspects of the Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP).

This group meets every six to eight weeks. We currently have 17 PPVs working with us, from a variety of backgrounds, as well as nominated representatives from south east London Healthwatch organisations.

PPAG acts as a “critical friend” and is kept up to date with developments, contributes and comments on programme processes and proposals as they emerge ensuring shared learning; peer support; wider engagement and feedback on programme materials. PPAG report back on the programme meetings they have attended, give their personal views of the meetings they attend ensuring a wider engagement within the group. Their views and feedback have contributed and continue to contribute to all aspects of STP. 

Feedback and views from PPAG contribute to all aspects of the STP.

More about PPAG meetings

To find out more about what goes on in PPAG meetings, you can find summaries of the meetings below.