Help us to shape the future of the NHS in South East London

In January, the NHS set out its plans for the next 10 years across the whole of England.

The plan shows how money for the NHS will be spent to help people across the country. It is based on what the public and NHS staff think the NHS needs to do to make care better; more easily accessible and close to where people live, and to get better at helping people to stay well.

Over the past few months, we have gone out into our community to understand how we can improve our services and make a healthier south east London. We looked at a set of six specific areas, from how we work with charities to improving access to care.

We ran a series of twelve public engagements events across our six boroughs focusing on both borough-wide discussions and specific topics that are important to the future of the NHS in south east London.

You can read more about our discussions at each of the borough focused engagement events by clicking the links below

You can read more about our discussions at each of the topic-specific engagement events here

To gain a wide range of perspectives we also had a series of conversations with 19 community groups whose voices are seldom heard in the NHS, speaking to around 200 people in south-east London. We also gave people the opportunity to answer a short survey to share their views on how we can build a stronger and healthier future for south east London.

What we have learned across south east London:

Throughout our discussions, we asked people what they thought about the main priorities in the NHS Long Term Plan. Here are the five key themes we heard:

  1. They liked that there is and will be, more joined-up working between different services.
  2. They liked that the public is being involved in south east London’s response to the NHS Long Term Plan.
  3. They are concerned about whether there is enough funding available to deliver these changes.
  4. They are concerned about whether there are enough healthcare professionals in the workforce to deliver these changes.
  5. They are concerned that the NHS isn’t making the most of the resources that exist already, especially organisations in the voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector.

The full summary can be found here

The Healthwatch LTP engagement report can be found here