What we are doing - planned care

Improving planned orthopaedic care

One of our priorities is achieving improvements in planned adult orthopaedic care. We are considering developing a clinical network that will ensure standards are consistently excellent across south east London and that clinicians share learning and expertise. 

Standardising care across providers

We’re aiming for providers to all work to a shared set of standards so that from referral to discharge patients get high quality care and a similar experience. This means everyone working to best practice standards and in the most efficient way possible.

We’re also aiming to ensure that discharge planning is done before the procedure, so that patients can be better prepared for what will happen to them and understand what support is in place when they go home.

All services working as efficiently as possible

We’re aiming to reduce the length of time patients have to stay in hospital. This means that patients will be away from home and their families for a shorter period of time and will allow us to care for more people, using the available beds more efficiently.

We think we can help patients to recover from their procedure more quickly with better support closer to home and more emphasis on rehabilitation. Working in a standardised way will help us to minimise complications, like hospital acquired infections, which will help to speed up recovery and improve results for patients.