Opportunity to shape the future of learning disability and autism services

If you want to champion change and have a lasting effect on the care and support for people with a learning disability and/or autism - a partnership of health and care organisations in south east London want to hear from you.

Council and NHS commissioners in south east London, alongside NHS England are working together to improve care for people with learning disabilities and autism through the south east London Transforming Care Partnership - part of Our Healthier South East London.

To inform this work a Transforming Care Forum has been set up specifically for people who have learning disabilities or autism, or both, and presents behaviour that challenges. This includes people who have been admitted to mental health hospitals or are at risk of being admitted. 

We are recruiting people to join the Forum and champion real change and improvement in local services. If you have experience of services, or are a family member with experience of services provided by the NHS or social care for children, young people and adults with learning disabilities and/or autism who also have mental health conditions or behaviour that challenges then you may be eligible to become a paid member of the forum. 

 Find out more by downloading:

The closing date for expressing your interest is 1 February 2018.